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What You  Should Know About Immigration Bail Bonds


If you or a friend is an illegal immigrant who has been arrested by the legal Immigration Service, then he may qualify for immigration bail bond. Just like any other types of bail bonds, an immigration bond is a legal option in order to get out of the jail while the case goes on. The individual must appear to any court hearings regarding his case. Regarding the amount of bail bond, it will depend on the case but is big enough to make sure that the defendant will not run away. Not all who has been issued a warrant of arrest and arrested can use this bond. There are some conditions that makes one eligible for immigration bail bond. If the individual is found eligible, then he can pay the required bond and stay out of the jail while ensuring that he will cooperate to all the legal proceedings.


The immigration bonds may need a casualty license than the usual license. In addition, when the defendant does not show during the court hearings, then the bonds will be forfeited immediately. The bail bond agents can be a great help in order to make sure that the defendant will be able to experience a smooth process. However, the language can sometimes be a hindrance that these agents have to deal with. Depending on the immigration case, the collateral collection process can vary.


The bail bond agent can only post the bond once the INS determines the eligibility of the defendant. Aside from the INS, the bond can be posted through private companies. The defendant's name and registration number should be provided, including the facility where he is held. These are the basic requirements which are are needed just like the other Federal Immigration Bail Bonds which will also include the annual premium payment for the bail agent.


Take note that an immigration bail bond does not mean that the defendant will no longer be deported out of the country. This just allow the arrested person to be free meeting with his lawyer and comply for the next steps in order to make the situation right with the INS. For more facts and information regarding immigration bail bonds, you can go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bail_bondsman.


Although this may be similar with the other types of bail bonds, it is very important to know that there are particular requirements and rules that the immigration bonds require. If you or your friend is not familiar with these requirements and proceedings, it is ideal to seek the help from a reliable lawyer who is familiar with such issues.